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Embracing Advanced Solutions: Customer Segmentation and iOS 15 Adaptations

Today's dynamic business landscape calls for a deep understanding of industry trends to remain relevant and successful. High on the list of any digital marketer's priorities are advanced customer segmentation and adapting to the latest iOS updates—specifically iOS 15. This new release has brought significant changes that impact how marketers access and use critical user-data. Here at our company, we go beyond the basics, incorporating advanced strategies and innovations to keep your business at the cutting edge.

Advanced Customer Segmentation: The New Age Marketing Strategy

It's an established fact: effective marketing involves delivering the right message to the right people - and at the right time. However, simply relying on basic demographics is no longer sufficient. Our team here takes the time to delve deeper. We employ advanced segmentation strategies that incorporate a variety of factors:

- Customer behavior

- Purchase patterns

- Engagement levels

To illustrate our approach to customer segmentation, let's take an example of a store that sells outdoor firepits and other fireplace supplies. For this store, we may create a ""Warm Winter"" segment for customers who have previously purchased outdoor heating supplies and a ""Cold Winter"" segment for those who have not. These two segments would receive distinct, personalized messages; the ""Warm Winter"" group might receive content promoting the cozy joy of outdoor fireplaces, while the ""Cold Winter"" group could receive promotions highlighting the transformative warmth a firepit can offer.

Navigating the iOS 15 Update: Klaviyo Tools at Your Disposal

The recent iOS 15 update has necessitated changes in how businesses approach email marketing and customer data protection. With the new privacy protections in place, capturing and utilizing data that drive business decisions and strategies can be more challenging. Fortunately, our team is here to help!

We employ Klaviyo's comprehensive suite of tools to navigate these changes, ensuring your business maintains data integrity and continues extracting actionable insights. We strategize to align with Apple's privacy enhancements while keeping your audience engagement and return on investment high.

To demonstrate this approach, we:

- Strengthen the tracking of email opens and performance metrics.

- Expand the use of Klaviyo's click-based tracking to align better with Apple's Mail Privacy Protection feature.

- Apply Klaviyo's predictive and historical data models to maintain the relevance and success of your campaigns.

In conclusion, both understanding your customers deeply and adapting quickly to changing digital landscapes are vital in maintaining and enhancing your eCommerce presence. With our advanced customer segmentation strategies and skillful adaptation to changes like iOS 15, be assured that your business can weather any digital storm. Embrace the future of digital marketing with us, and together, let's hit peak performance.


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